Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer of Love

Well Flelli 5/30/09 has come and gone. What a week of fun, family friends, fabulous fooText Colord, music, dancing, various beverages ,sun, golf,beach,ceremony,happiness and love. It was all my bride and I had hoped for and Fletch and Bear seemed to like it too. We partied like we were in college.
The newlywed Fletchers are back in beantown after a terriffic 2 island get away and loving life. As Bubbles and I celebrated 35 years of marital bliss this month ,we realized just how much Flelli is like we were that beautiful Summer in '74. We were so excited about the years and the road ahead. As much as we were in love and as happy as we were, it does'nt equate to what we have experienced and the love we share now.
We love our two wonderful and bueatiful daughters and our wonderful new son. They make our lives oh so sweet.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Still alive and still loving it

Long time since my first / last blog. I'm still alive and still loving life more than ever. My golf game is getting better, my tennis is at an impass, I may have topped out due to age, weight and lack of ability. Still like it though and play 2/3 times a week.

My attention is on giving Bear and E the wedding they want and deserve. They are great! Over half way through 1st year Harvard Law and life in "Bean Town". I get to see Bear this wek end and can't wait.

Alli is doing great and seems so happy. What a joy. Even though she is an hour away I miss her so. She is funny, smart, spiritual and happy. We talk most everyday and I love that. I always want to be a regular part of the "girls"lives.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Another day in Paradise

Three months and 2 days into retirement. Wow! Sleeping late, rising early,tennis, golf yardwork, hanging with the cats. I have everything I want except having Bubbles, Alli and Bear with me more.Bubbles is still toiling away doing great work for the kids in our schools. Alli is a whirl-wind of writting,pitching,promoting and planning and living the life. My baby Bear has been whisked away to the dark, dank sunless regions of the north east wastelands of Boston. But she loves it and is with E my soon to be son. They are such a great team but missed by mom and me. Hurry Xmas.