Monday, November 17, 2008

Another day in Paradise

Three months and 2 days into retirement. Wow! Sleeping late, rising early,tennis, golf yardwork, hanging with the cats. I have everything I want except having Bubbles, Alli and Bear with me more.Bubbles is still toiling away doing great work for the kids in our schools. Alli is a whirl-wind of writting,pitching,promoting and planning and living the life. My baby Bear has been whisked away to the dark, dank sunless regions of the north east wastelands of Boston. But she loves it and is with E my soon to be son. They are such a great team but missed by mom and me. Hurry Xmas.


Kelli said...

awww daddy! i miss you too! i love your blog! i'm adding it to my list!

ab said...

get your write on daddy! i LOVE it. And, K. Bear: he called Beantown a dank wasteland. . . hee hee.